Amber Schalk Volunteer of the Year Award


Amber Schalk

Amber Schalk was a long-time CNYRW member who contributed much to our chapter. This annual award is given in her memory. Congratulations to the CNYRW volunteers recognized for their service.


2019  Elizabeth Doherty, Nona Raines

2018  Nora Raines

2017  Kat Morrisey

2016  Kris Fletcher

2014 Tracy Blair

2013  Jo Corsier

2012  Chris Wenger

2011  Nora Raines

2010  Nicki Greenwood

2009  Molly Herwood

2008  Gayle Callen

2007  Barbie Jo Bogart, Kari Lee Townsend

2006  Bill Blodgett, Janine Giordano, Andrea Kaczor

2005  Susan St. Thomas

2004  Midge Johnson, Gayle Callen

2003  Carol Lombardo

2002  Molly Herwood, Kris Fletcher

2001  Nancy Lewandrowski, C.J. Barry

2000  Jane O'Connor, Kathy Grimes, Theresa Kovian

1999  Cara Summers

1998  Ginny Aubertine, Patty Gannon

1997  Jenna Mindel

1996  Maggie Shayne, Chris Wenger, Gayle Callen